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Air conditioning system checks for correct operating pressures, gas level, leak detection.
Check drive belts and pulleys
Check fan (s)
Check cabin air filter
Check performance level
Important notes on servicing of your air conditioning system
With a regular air conditioning check at your specialist service centre you will also be doing something for the health of our environment. Every year, up 10% of the refrigerant escapes from your air conditioning system through natural evaporation. If regular maintenance is not carried out, this amount can increase (through leaks, porous hoses, or similar) and place an additional load on the environment. An air conditioning service puts your air conditioning system back into perfect condition.

We recommend you have your system serviced twice annually
Winter Services

Every year, thousands of motorists switch on their car air conditioning as summer approaches – and wonder why it isn’t working.

Damage caused during these long periods of non-use can result in repairs which could be costly.

Pop in now to our specialist’s service centres for your air conditioning check-up.

We recommend that you run your air conditioning system for 30 minutes per week during the winter period to keep all the components properly lubricated.  
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